Evolving signage

GDS (the Government Digital Service) just moved into a new building and I love what the Design team are doing with the signage. We moved in as soon as possible after the builders and things like toilets, prayer rooms and stairs weren’t sign posted yet. Instead of getting HR to put up wayfinding where they thought they should be people started putting up post it notes to mark important things, like where the toilets are. 

The Design team have been going around and converting those into signs and then updating them as people write feedback on them. 

So the signs in our building work for us and are in the places where people naturally look for information. 

It sounds obvious but it’s a really nice and organic touch. 

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  1. This is great. Reminds me of a family anecdote that used to be shared a lot about how instead of planning paths in a new park, park-keepers grassed the whole park first and let the public walk where they wanted. They then spotted the well-worn paths and only paved once it was clear how park users wanted to move around it.



    1. Desire paths being utilised for actual planning, rather than appearing after the fact. Nice!



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