What’s next*

After 3½ years I’m moving on from @gdsteam.

Come the end of October I’m going to be saying goodbye to GDS. It’s not going to be easy to leave but I’m excited to move on to new things and to take a bit of time to work on my side projects and photography.

The last three and a half years have been an amazing learning experience and I’ve been lucky enough to work with (quite frankly) the best team through three incarnations.

Ali, Liv, Ben, Russell, Lou, Hurrell, Giles, Matt, Mat, James, Claire, Nat, Sarah, Ella, Angus, Lucy, Sonia, Stephen, Graham, Ryan, Boxall, Wendy, Alex, Tim, Becky, Clara, Amy, Kate to name a few, thank you. Sorry I couldn’t fit you all in the picture. 



So what is next?

Well first of all I’m going to take a bit of time to sleep and read some of the books that are piled up on the bedside table. The last 15 months have been crazy and frankly I need to give myself some time and space to recover from that.

After that I plan to take a lot more photos.

And then after that (subject to vetting) I should be heading to the College of Policing to help build and manage their creative and social media team.

So, in the meantime if you need a photographer or a producer/delivery manager for a short term contract get in touch.

*If I can use a West Wing quote as a blog post title then I will.

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