Lee Anne & Paul

After getting married in New York last month Lee Anne & Paul wanted to have a shoot back in their home city and I was delighted to oblige. Take any excuse to get all dolled up and put on your wedding outfits again I say!

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Lucy & John

Part of what I love about photography and especially photographing people is that you never quite know what you’re going to get. When Lucy suggested doing this shoot at the Barbican I had some ideas in mind, but London had other ideas. That Monday was so dull and overcast that right from the off we were fighting against the vanishing light, but, Lucy and John being the awesome couple that they are weren’t put off. It gave us the opportunity to do a shoot that used the surrounding light from the Barbican along with what remained of the daylight, and in the process created some of my favourite photos.

Lucy and John could not have been a more fun and relaxed couple to work with, no matter the suggestion they were up for trying out different things and running around the Barbican searching for the next interesting location. As you can see from the photos they are so beautifully comfortable and in love with each other and that really shines out of them.

Also, Lucy really reminds me of Emma Stone in La La Land, which is no bad thing.

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Couple/engagement shoots

I really enjoy taking photos of couples, well people in general really, but couples are a lot of fun because you get to see the enjoyment that they get from being with each other shining through.

Here’s a small collection of some of the couples I’ve worked with recently.

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Evolving signage

GDS (the Government Digital Service) just moved into a new building and I love what the Design team are doing with the signage. We moved in as soon as possible after the builders and things like toilets, prayer rooms and stairs weren’t sign posted yet. Instead of getting HR to put up wayfinding where they thought they should be people started putting up post it notes to mark important things, like where the toilets are. 

The Design team have been going around and converting those into signs and then updating them as people write feedback on them. 

So the signs in our building work for us and are in the places where people naturally look for information. 

It sounds obvious but it’s a really nice and organic touch.